xeran is a website with sole purpose, to give you followers and money.
You can get followers in the different social networks we have and / or earn money For many ways
Simply following the social networks to other people, with the exchange of traffic, completing a task like Super Rewards or Kiwi Wall or directly buying with paypal.
These coins or coins are what we work with, every action taken in Xearn like follow, give like, share, etc. It is compensated with an X amount of coins or coins.
Also with these coins or coins you can get followers.
CPC = Cost Per Click, is the value that exchanges have, for example, some websites are with CPC of 9, that is to say when you follow that person you earn 9 coins.
YES ,Of course you can, those coins can be exchanged for cash that can be charged
The change from currency to dollar is as follows: 1,000 coins = 1 $.
For now, the minimum payment is $1 .
Yes, every time we are going to have different promotions in XEARN, from sharing in social networks and earn points, to coupons and more.
Payment for review reasons, may take from 1 to 3 days, but usually comes much earlier.
No, you can not charge that money, it is directly used in banner and / or coins.
If for example you invested $ 3 and you had $ 2 in the balance and you try to charge $ 5, we will cancel your payment.
The $ 3 invested can only be used to purchase banners and / or coins.
To be able to request a payment if you invested money, you need to make 5,000 clicks on the platform and you will have the option to charge $ 5.
NO, it is totally forbidden for each link to be shortened more than once.
No, no reimbursement is made, the investment and money management within XEARN is the responsibility of each user.